This is blog is under construction. Notes from the author

As I see it with blue butterfly moves to new heights and adventures.

Looking back and evaluating my priorities, obligations, my time constraints these last couple days have been bittersweet. I have seen so much growth and change in my writing and other areas of my life. Which lead to some changes.

First change

Within the next few months, the URL will be changing. The blog itself may also look different each time until the design, style, and optimization is up to par.

Second change

Frequency will increase. When I first started I made a commitment to myself to post three times at least. Between school and other life events, it was nearly impossible and then I simply was drained. To be perfectly honest, it felt like a chore and that is not what writing is to me. Writing is my passion.

Last change

My blog and my YouTube are one in the same. My business Caffeinated Ventures will be minimal here.So if you are following to know about my custom designs and craft related freebies, then head over to my page or my VIP group, Caffeinated VEnture Vixen.
This blog will not be craft related and my business is not the driving component. It is to inform you on products and mom topics. 

I can't wait to see you all interact and being the community that I aim to have. 

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