Garnier Whole Blends Maple Remedy Leave In-Conditioner Review

Nourish and Repair

Over dry!  Undernourished! Those are the only words that remotely describe it.
After many years of off and on abuse in both my childhood and personal relationships,  I vowed to break the cycle (although I did not at that time) and to work on gaining confidence.
So, I grabbed myself some new clothes, got back to my best friend Jesus, and grabbed a tanning package as part of operation: confidence.
I know tanning is bad. I was young. I know how it affects the skin.
Anyhow, this is when I noticed the horrid state of my hair. I don't know what caused me to grab the leave-in conditioner, but it has caused along obsession.It has been awhile since I received a Bzz review campaign. (Read What is Bzz agent, here) Boy, was a tickled pink as the email loaded the graphic.

Oh, a new scent of Garnier Whole Blends

Garnier Whole Blends Maple Remedy Leave In-Conditioner review
I received this product free for my unbiased review.

OMG!  I was not sure if this was a scent that I was going to be happy with. The name wasn't something that grasped my attention. But low and behold, the invigorating scent of fall was about to be applied to my hair. This is always the first thing I do when trying something new. This passed with flying colors.

I am skeptical if all products with claims. So many say the same thing and most show little results. Plus, I have come to the conclusion that there is no helping my hair. What I have also learned is the health of your hair also depends on your diet too, mine not so good since my appetite varies. I had to also learn that the top of my hair is oily so conditioning that area only makes it worse. But as always I hoped this nourishes and repaired my fragile hair with its restoring, paraben-free formula enriched with castor oil and maple extracts.

How to apply: After I got out the shower I allowed my hair to semi-dry (as if it was towel dried) and applied mid-way to the ends, and styled as a normally would/


  • First use: As soon as my hair dried, I immediately noticed a difference. The hair seemed to lay down (not as frizzy) as it typically is, even the ends appeared a tad better.
  • Second use: I applied as I did the day before. But this time I can see an overall improvement in my hair. I am a fan already.
  • Third use: Again, not changing the application method. I see more split end repair and I swear it even seemed to add shine.

Final thoughts

The smell is amazing. I can't smell it after a few minutes of using but the people around me do. So there's an added bonus I didn't even know was there.

The bottle design I love but I tend to squeeze too much out at times and feel I am wasting it. So be careful. Also, minimal is needed to apply and too much it can make your hair look greasy. This will be a bottle I am definitely going to use till its gone. I see improvement every time I use it so it would only make sense to do so. I highly recommend it.

Also try: Maple Remedy shampoo, conditioner, and treatment deeply soften and renew damaged hair.

Only Available at Garnier website  $6.99 

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