How to make scented pine cones? 5 Simple steps

   Easy and Free

   If you're new to my blog you may not know that I advocate green living and help others find ways to incorporate them into their lives. (and some other totally cool things like repurposing see Dollar Tree Crafting)

    Chemicals hidden in everything nowadays and with no regulations for companies to abide by. We will never know the dangers we inhale or worse let our skins absorb, unless we actively research. 
    Common issue: we want our homes to smell fabulous. But is it really worth the risk? 
So today I bring you a solution. Scented Pine Cones

               D.I.Y. Scented Pine Cones

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Alright, first thing first. Lets gather your supplies. There's no shortage of pine cones around here and you can't beat FREE, right?
Once you have gathered the pine cones. It's time to get those pesky little hidden creatures out.
 1.soak those pinecones for about an hour 
 NOTE:they will float. place a plate on them to keep them soaking.
 2. Bake on a foiled cooking sheet for 30 mins at 200 degrees.
 3.Add cooled pine cones to the ziplock bag. 
 NOTE: your call on scent but heres what I use 20 drop of Cinnamon Leaf essential oil and 10 of Orange essential oil. (our favorite combo.)
 4. Let them soak up the scent for at least a week. Longer they sit, the better the potency. 

Now, added them anywhere you wish. I absolutely adore these in the bathroom placed around a candle. This year I think I will and them to the family center piece. 
  Where will you add them? Better yet show me your decor!

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