The Journey: next step with the Cameo 3

Next Step

After many months of research and bouncing back in forth with making the cost logical in my brain, this amazing balls machine finally arrived Monday. I've literally have become insta-obsessed.
I'm not quit sure why I wasn't watching all these tutorials prior to arrival. But none the less, I'm more and more amazed at all the things this cameo silhouette three can do.

I got this bundle on Amazon because it seem to be the smartest buy for my purpose. (which is decorating, signs, tumblers, etc. personalization basically)
Reviews are mixed for the top two popular brands Cricut and the Silhouette. The majority seemed to love the Cricut machine due to it being more user friendly. However, it don't have the option to use offline. That was a huge deciding factor for me since wifi/internet isn't always available.

I expected the set up to be long and aggravating due to the reviews. Happy to report, it was not. After downloading the software (no disc), creating an account. and hooking the machine (USB cord) to the laptop. I literally was cutting my first piece in a matter of minutes. 
Included with my bundle, was a library of images to get me started and there are MANY resources for free images.

Now, for the part where I am stuck. I want to attempt multi-color decals. But, it is a little confusing and I cant watch from the laptop and open the design studio. I did watch from my phone and play around. Which leads me to the decision, I am going to continue watching the tutorials and wait till I get more vinyl. 
Here's a few projects I have done.

I am so so excited to get the hang of this and start making these for YOU!!! For now, come hang out with me on my Facebook fan page Caffeinated Ventures Stay up to date and learn ways to turn your trash to treasure.


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