LOreal Extraordinary Clay Review

Say Good-bye to oily roots and dry ends

I received this FREE for my unbiased review.

    Before I disclose the awesomeness of this system, I have to give you a little background. As far back as I can remember, my excessively oily roots have been an ongoing issue.  From baby powder to EVERY dry shampoo on the market it seemed that I had no hope and resorted to mid day washing and dying my hair.
When I received the email from Influenster to take a survey on an upcoming box I was surprised that one one of the questions said: do you have oily roots but dry ends? I mean I didn't know a system existed. Did you?
You can only imagine my excitement when I got the email that I was approved to try the entire system FREE for my review.
Woop Woop!

First Use

   Applying the mask was a little weird since I am use to putting this kind of texture on my face. I had a few people share their disappoints with other hair masks so I was a little nervous too. I applied it generously and let it sit maybe five minutes. The packaging didn't instruct on how long for it to sit. Rinsing it out was easy and I followed with the matching shampoo and conditioner. I couldn't wait for the end of the day to see if this was worth the hype.
  The results surprised me. Not only did I make through day one without washing, here came day two WITH NO dry shampoo or washing.  

Continuing Uses
The second time around my subconscious mind kicked in and thought ;Oh lord I better conserve. Which lead to me using this sparingly. BIG MISTAKE.
While I did make it through the day without washing, the next morning I was back to oily and had to wash it. So the next time, I did just as I did the first time, excessive amount.

Final thoughts

  The first day results oddly where not achieved a second time. However, the fact that my hair looks clean for a day and sometimes a day and a half makes this pre-treatment definitely my new must have.
   I am use to washing my hair daily, so that's not a big deal. But the confidence this has given me is priceless. The shampoo lathers amazingly and you only need very little. Both the shampoo and conditioner smell fresh and clean. Sadly, I am not seeing any results on my dry ends.

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