Amazon Reviewers Stopped

    Discounted and Free Reviewing Stopped

    Due to a recent update in Amazon's policy, reviewers are no longer being allowed to leave reviews in exchange for products at a discount or FREE prices. I can't say that I am surprised. Some reviews are obviously not true and some are not even beneficial. Facebook groups to help sellers and reviewers connect where becoming like children fighting over candy. DRAMA! DRAMA! Down voting reviews for no reason was an issue several months ago and they finally took that away. 
     While this is sad for those of us who are honest in our reviews and took pride in what we do, I am left with the thought:What else good Amazon do? They are obligated to their customers, which means that they have to provide reviews that are helpful and not staged. Saddening it definitely is, but totally understandable. 

What does this mean for reviewers?

    Well, those who blog it doesn't really mean anything. Most seen this coming. Third parties sites such as ART, Tomoson, and others have now removed this requirement from their dashboards. But don't fret, they are not going anywhere. You can still get products free and at low cost. BUT be sure to disclose that in your media shares and blog posts. You can be fined. I don't know about you but my bank account can't handle that. So do your homework and be sure you check with reliable sources. TAKE NO ONES WORD FOR IT, research yourself.
     If you have pending reviews, the choice is ultimately up to you. But I would not recommend it. Your account will be wiped, which may happen anyway.

There is a petition going for things to go back to the way it was, with some recommendation on the star factor in reviews. You can sign that here.


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