Changing Times

While the changes of society from when I was a kid and kids today, my views haven't changed much. Old-fashion? Unrealistic? Perhaps. But to me, they just make sense.

When I was younger, you no matter if you where related to the adult or not, YOU RESPECTED THEM. Of course, I didn't really understand the concept at the time, I sure didn't question it.

For the most part (from what I have experience anyway), children these days have little respect for their parents, adults in general, and even the items that have seem to be undervalued and under appreciated in our youth.\

BEFORE you judge my point of view, trust and I believe that I fully understand that some children despite their up bringing choose to go a different that what they are taught. ( I am in that situation) It just seems like I see so many children wrapped up in their technologies instead of reading or conversation with anyone. AND if they do talk to you they do not even look up from their phones. Sadly, I see just as many parents doing the same thing.

I value that times are changing and I know I children must be tech savvy in order to be beneficial in society. But as a parent should we not limit these technologies ?
Should we not lead by example?
That's what I choose to do.


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