TRESemmé #ReverseYourRoutine Review

I received this Free for my unbiased review. 

What is it?

Reverse wash, by conditioning first and then shampooing. The thought process behind the design is to wash out the heaviness that conditioner can leave behind with thin hair and create volume.
First though
Oh I love this smell!! Huge plus I can’t use anything that don’t smell good.  Why would they make the shampoo bigger? I know me and I know other girls who always run out of conditioner first. So why not make the conditioner bigger. Now that would be a good marketing advantage for someone. I know I’d buy sets if they did such a thing.

First Use

My brain kept waiting for the lather and for a split second I had forgot that it was reverse your routine.

I usually give a day play by play of my experience but since it was basically exactly the same I figured I would just summarize my review. Sadly, I am not seeing much results in my hair. While I absolutely love the smell, my hair looks the same as if I used my typical shampoo and conditioner minus a few things.
My hair does fell softer and the ends do not look as dry. I am just not getting any body what so ever.  I do get body in my hair if I blow dry it upside down but that’s with any brand. It is entirely too hot here to blow dry my hair, not to mention I don’t want to add more damage to my already semi-unhealthy hair.
My hair is natural curly at the ends and this has made the curls more dominant & less frizz. Not sure if I like the effect ONLY because I don’t like my hair curly.
This has benefits and it has things I don’t like. Will I buy this again? Probably not, because I can get the same look with a cheaper brand. 


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