Pink Drink: Plexus Review

 The Seven Day Trial

I wasn’t on the hunt for a weight loose product. The conversation just casually came up in a chat I was having with my dear friend. When she mentioned a time or two that she had quit drinking coffee because of this product, I didn’t really give it much thought.  After a few more chats she offered to send me a seven day sample pack. I gladly accepted and anxiously awaited its arrival.

Notes from the week of use

  • Day 1 : taste wasn’t too bad  Mixed fairly well with the cold water.  Tad bit of after taste and felt nauseous which could be not related. ( I now know it was do to that horrid monthly friend)
  • Day 2: I noticed a bubble gum smell this morning and this time I slowly poured it into the water to avoid clumping, mixed up better this time. Still a little after taste.
  • Day3: Getting the hang of getting less clumps and my taste buds have now adjusted to where there is minimal after taste.
  • Day 4: It occurred to me that I have more energy since drinking this daily. I am literally up before the chickens and usually crashing around 11 am, but now do not feel that way till about 2pm. I did notice on the package that it says it can be used twice a day. Which makes me think that if I did I might not be wore out all day.
  • Day 5: woke up ready to drink this but delayed till my first cup of coffee. I usually drink a lot but I am down to one in the am. WHAAAAAAAAAAT !!! That’s insane. I would have never thought that in a million years.  When I chatted with a friend this morning and she asked “how are you so chatting this early” haha
  • Day 6: Back at it. Pink in my cup and exercise done
  • Day 7: I was sad putting this last one in my drink and decided to research the cost and pray it was something I can afford.

Final thoughts

I am such a skeptical girl when it comes to claims about products. Mainly because everyone experiences them differently. In my opinion, this statement should be included in these claims. I believe people would be less skeptical.  When it arrived I had no expectations really. I just figured it would be another trial run of product that I would not even write about. I was wrong.
Initially, I did not know if I could deal with the taste. The after taste drove me batty the first day but as soon as a brushed my teeth it was not an issue. Gradually my taste buds must have gotten accustom because it was no longer an issue.
In day 3, I noticed I was not crashing as I normally do by 11. I remember recalling thinking to myself: could it be the drink? Is this really working for me? After all my product trying endeavors, I was skeptically until I continued to see the prolonging in my energy.
By day 5, I knew it was the drink and decided that I needed to look further into the prices.  While I have not had any weight loss using it I definitely am hooked since I have energy that I did not have prior to using. Sadly the 30 day supply is US $84.95 is not something I have afford.  There is another option in saving but requires monthly commitments in which this mom of 5 cannot commit too. But definitely wish I could and highly recommended this product. This says in the package it can be taken twice a day, I did only once and can only imagine what kind of energy I would have.
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