L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil Review: Oil or Not to Oil ?

   Oil or Not to Oil- That is the question

   I’m back with yet another L’Oréal Paris hair care system, this time with the new L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil. This three-part system was right up my ally. Just wash, condition, and leave-in. Any more steps then that I can’t remember to do them consistently. This smells absolutely FABULOUS (a.k.a. Girly) and that makes me actually want to use it more than I should. While it looks like an oil, but it totally isn’t greasy. How does that even happen? I have no clue but I love it.
I received this product Free in exchange for my honest review

My first thoughts about this when I was approved from Crowdtap was (see Freebie sites & there breakdown): hmm maybe I should not apply this leave-in to the top of my hair which is extremely oily. BUT in order to test properly, I always try several ways in which you can apply it and with or without styling products.


First day: wash, conditioned, and added the leave into damp hair. 
NOTES: Softness when washing, great smell, less tangles than with others, less hair loss
Second day: same routine
NOTES: Same results but appears a little more body and shine
Fast forward a week: I decided to start applying the leave in before washing (I seen on the bottle this can be done also)
NOTES: increasing with shine, body, and manageability
WEEK ONE DAY ONE: I started applying the leave in both before washing and after washing
NOTES: Absolutely in love. Hair looks and feels like a different person. The smell of this makes me happy.  I see a purchase coming when this runs out.

Final Thoughts

As a huge fan of L’Oréal I had some pretty high expectations which dropped at little with the previous other version from them.  I was pretty sure that the oil was going to help mid-way down and the bottoms of my hair since it was dried, fried, and looked like it needed to be chopped off. (which I have been known to do) The smell had my instantly like: OH yes! As the results continued to rock the more I used it, I eventually tried it all over. To my surprise it didn’t make it any greasier. My hair is so soft and I absolutely could not be happier. I see shine that was NOT there. I have more bounce. My split ends are so so much better, even better than I ever anticipated in such a short time. I am so happy with this that I remove it from the bathroom when I get done shower. Raise your hands momma’s you know exactly why I do that. If you aren’t a mom yet, heave the warning: REMOVE ALL BOTTLES FROM THE BATHROOM IF YOU LOVE IT, or it will become the someone’s bubble bath.  Bottom line, if you’re having a lot of dry issues and you don’t want to chop it all off, try this.  I highly recommend this and will be getting more when it runs out. Thank goodness they made this, it answered my prayers.
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