Influenster VoxBox Review*L'Oréal EverPure Repair & Defend

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L'Oreal Lowdown

Those of you who read my blog regularly already know how I am going to start this review: THE SMELL. Sadly, I have to say this smell isn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong isn’t bad just not what’s the word I’m looking for, “girly” maybe. The smell is crisp and clean. Best way to describe this would be a unisex smell.  Men would totally steal this in the shower and not think twice about it.

First Impression

Ok, so the first days I tried it my hair went into a rebellious stage and continued this for the first few uses; frizz was out of control, it was unmanageable, and I wanted to seriously cry. This was common when I switch shampoos and conditioner but I couldn’t help but wonder if this was the formula itself. As with any product testing I write details on the things I did while testing. Which lead to the realization IT WAS ME. I know what you’re thinking: how can I create frizz? Right?  Here’s how, those days I left my hair twisted up into a towel till it dried.  Ugh, I don’t know what I was thinking. I know that. Since this realization and the quitting of doing it, I had no more frizz. Woop woop! My hair had some shine that definitely was not there prior to using.
Now in the second week I can see a difference in my hair. It even added some body. The split ends are looking fabulous too. I used the leave in condition daily (huge fan of leave -in conditioners) and the hair mask once a week, even though the instruction say to use the hair mask twice a week. I always forget to do multiple steps in the processes. But I committed to a once a week pampering day (mani, pedi, detoxing, etc) so incorporating the mask on that day worked for me and really with the results I have seen no need for additional day.

Final thoughts

While the smell wasn’t for me the results where awesome even in a short period of time. I love that L'oreal followed suit in making a sulfate-free system especially for color treated hair. I seek alternatives of this nature. I cannot help but wonder if the not-so yummy smell is due to the fact they take the bad ingredients out. Something I need to look into further. I know this might not be an important factor to some but I love that the leave- conditioner is in a pump form. It makes it easy to dispense the right amount. I wish the hair mask was in this form. But I have yet to see a hair mask in a pump. This might be an issue due to the consistency.  I am definitely going to continue to use it and see if the results get better or stay the same. However, I do not see myself replacing this once it’s gone. ONLY because I have to have something smell good. If you have tried this, leave me a comment on your results. I am curious to hear what others have had.


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