Down Payment on a home a boss

The New House

I was super anxious to add to my timeline the great new of us putting a down payment on the house. I sense of pride that I cannot begin to describe. Was it because of the fact that my whole life I have been told I will never have or amount to anything? A big part of it was. All those years of feeling inadequate was lifted like the sun shining on a summer day. No one could tell me nothing. I was on cloud nine and everyone congratulating us was icing on the cake.
However, those feelings soon subsided and I realized that with every new venture comes a new set of concerns. While we have eagerly and anxiously awaiting them to bring it to our land (which has been delayed), we both realized that we just might have to look at the beauty for a while before we actually get to move into it. 
But I should still be happy right? Excited? Yet I am overwhelmed with many thoughts and even dream about all the things that need to be done. MAIN CONCERN: where is all this money going to come from? Am I impatient? Maybe just a tad. But my subconscious thoughts take over and I try to remember that just as it took time to get the house it takes time to get things done.
Now, if it will stop raining long enough for it to get here.

Plotting DIY Projects

  I have been plotting DIY projects in full force for this house. My first agenda is getting these plastic coffee canisters spray paint, but what am I going to use them for? I am not sure just yet. I have canisters but I am sure they could be used in one of the bathrooms. Project 2 consists of glass etching. Which is totally addicting. If you haven’t tried it, you must. Quickest and coolest thing for my fellow crafters to do.


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