What you should know about Facebook Parties

What are Facebook parties?

Have you heard people talk about Facebook parties and thought to your self " how does this work?" At one point and time, I had this same thought. The thought of a social media party was just weird to me. However, I quickly become grateful to these parties. (explanation further down)

What does the party entail?

This all depends on the company you choose to do one for. There's been a new outline making its way through direct sales courtesy of  The Tag Team.  This should be the approach that I think that all companies should implement in their training. It's a 30 minute online party.
This party has 5 pre-party post (one a day leading up to the event day) and then on the day you set with the consultant, you and your friends have 30 minutes to learn about the companies products. Usually the party has a giveaway for the attendees such as for those whom RSVP. BUT again the length and strategies depend on the person as they are free to do them how they want to in most companies.
These parties can be done in a FB group or a FB event. Depending on what you decided. They also have the option to make them private so that only the people in the party see your party post. But they can also be public. Although this option usually doesn't happen because offering discount have to be private. Also, in a public event people can report the party as spam. Huge no no. If you see that a party you are having is set up this way, tell your consultant to change it to private.

Why should I throw a party?

FREEBIES of course. These also can vary. Companies offer rewards based on the sales accumulated at the party. Each level has more and more rewards. But some people (like myself) offer a gift to the person who schedules a party and follows the suggestion (also called training) provided.
But the most important reason is you are helping a stay at home mom pay for sports or a bill. You are also bring awareness to her/his business so they she can continue to stay home with her children. 
There are so many amazing companies out there. I would much rather support a mom then to line the pockets of corporate America, wouldn't you?

I have compiled a list of awesome people that represent some amazing companies. If you haven't heard of any of these, check the site first and then reach out to them if you are interested. Be sure to them I sent you or mention this post . (Click their name to contact and click the company name to check out the company) I will be adding more to this.

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