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Art Elite Color Pencils Review* Get Your Color On

Not your kids coloring!

The new trend of adult coloring is my all time favorite way to relax and unwind. This is actually been something I have done my whole life. Granted, I been coloring Disney themes and other kid choice coloring items. I couldn't have been more excited that someone decided to make coloring books themed at adults. There are so many options with these books, from curse words to mantras the possibilities are endless. 

I currently have about 5 or 6 coloring books in my possession now. While finding time can be hard for a mom of 5 who goes to school and works from home, I have now made it a priority in my schedule. All Moms need downtime in order to refuel and prevent from loosing their minds.

Marker, Coloring Pencils, Crayons OH MY!

I was super excited to receive these Art Elite coloring pencils, especially since mine I had bought when my daughter was 5 and is now 16. The Crayola colored pencils frustrated me cause I am a fan of coloring light. With the Crayola colored pencils, they appearance of my pictures seemed like they just weren't blended or as if I missed spots. But this wasn't the case and when I went back over these sections, they then appeared darker than what I had colored. So naturally I began coloring right away when I received these.
 (received at a discount for my unbiased review)

48 colors of creativity had my imagination juice flowing. My inner child came out while I silenced my phone and grab the Ipod to relax. Butterfly pic here we go!!!

First, thing I noticed was that these made light coloring appear so beautiful. SCORE! This is how I color so that sold me on this brand immediately. Continuing with the picture, I thought to my self about those who like to "color hard" and felt that I should test the hold up of pressure when these are used in such way. SCORE again!!! These did not break when applying pressure and the picture looked fabulous. The enclosed sharpener worked great to the point of getting an extreme tip every time for those hard to get areas.

If you have ever accidentally colored out of the lines then you will greatly appreciated the included eraser. Personally those little small lines get me every time. I blame my bad eyes lol.

The only thing that puzzled me is why they did not include names. I grabbed what I thought was black and it was actually a dark blue. While the blending blush was a great idea, I couldn't see any difference when using it. BUT these blend well without it and add dimension to any picture. See for yourself.
Butterfly adult coloring Usborne
Book From Usborne

If you haven't colored since you were a kid, your are truly missing out. Get yours at Amazon for $22.99

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