Tastefully Simple Review *Mug Cake

Sweet tooth cravings Uncovered?

Tastefully Simple provides exceptional tasting experiences and lifestyle solutions, through simple, delicious food and enriching business opportunities. (their mission statement)

I wanted to try so many things from this company but it was just not in my budget at this time so I settled with the "my mug cake" cause I often crave sweets and this was a convenient way to achieve that with minimal mess as well as fast. Total win win, right?

My Mug Cake

This came so cutely wrapped that for a brief moment I thought of using it as a gift instead. But the Salted Caramel Cake mix kept calling my name. Temptation got the best of me. Don't judge, it happens.
This is so easy to do a child could make it. Simply fill the mug ( line inside the cup) empty packet, stir , microwave for 2 minutes, and BAM you have a cake.
Mug cake
The fill line inside the cup
While I don't like chocolate (unless it's paired with peanut butter) these cakes were just enough sweet to satisfy my craving but it wasn't an overpowering sweet that you typically taste in a full size cake. Some parts seemed a little over cooked and some seemed a little under cooked,but this was expected. That's just how microwaves cook.
I did a little different  with the second cake. Instead of setting the time and letting it cook, I cooked for one minute then stirred and cooked for another minute. This seemed to help the issue of it being cooked consistently.
Overall, this was a very user friendly, less mess concept , that I like. This would make an excellent gift for any occasion. I think I just might purchase again for gift this time.

If you're a foodie, be sure to check out all the varieties of mixes, seasonings, recipes, and more.


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