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Be Your Own Boss

Before I get into what Macee Leigh has to offer, I need to give you some background about me. This way that you can see the WHOLE picture.

My Story

   Like many mothers today, I have always wanted to give my children the world, but sometimes struggle to provide the basic necessities. For years I had wondered how I could maintain an income for myself and be able to give my children the life I knew they deserved.
   I am currently home bound due to extreme anxiety issues this leaves me unable to drive. However, I’ve always had a passion inside and I felt could empower people and move mountains, but I couldn’t find an outlet that could accommodate my own personal needs. Due to being home bound, I did feel a void of loneliness, but was able to fill a little of it, with access to social media. The more I stayed on social media, the more I saw moms staying home and working.  I wanted that.
I researched many companies, but nothing seemed to fit my needs. Prices of their products where outrageous and only seemed to help one specific need. I wanted variety and affordable for the average individual. 
    A few days before my birthday in 2014, a friend approached me about a new company I had never heard of. Automatically, I thought, "No way I can afford a starter up kit." As we continued to talk I got really excited learning about Macee Leigh and what they could offer me. It was not like the other companies that focus on a particular item; rather they have a little bit of everything. We continued to talk over several days, and I finally had to explain that as much as this seemed like it was for me, I didn’t even have the small startup fee in my budget.
What she did next changed my life forever..........
Her words still ring in my head till this day, 
 To make along story short, I had no idea what I was doing, where to begin, and was terrified. I started out very slow, but have grown to have my own team, achieve the incentives, and recently earned the title of Team Builder Specialist. IF I CAN DO IT ANYONE CAN.

What is Macee Leigh?

It is the opportunity to start your own business for a small investment. ( 3 price options available) Our motto is No Woman Left Behind. This motto was built around the idea of all woman being equal and able to succeed regardless of any barriers that might be thrown in her way.
Macee Leigh is also the newest and most innovative, online shopping experience. Unlike other direct sales companies, being a Macee Leigh Specialist will give your customers a "girls nigh out" experience every time they shop. With our every changing and selection of various products, you can meet multiple needs/wants with just ONE company.

Final thoughts

   Macee Leigh has given me a sense of direction, purpose, and the confidence.This has given me the confidence that I now can do anything. I have formed so many meaningful friendships throughout this experience. I have even broken out of my shell and went way beyond my comfort zone. I am so honored to be a part of this company and look forward to the upcoming years with all these amazing ladies. I know if I can succeed, anyone can.  My sponsor (aka upline) at that time, showed me that motto stood for women like me, women that need support, friendship, and financial freedom.
For more details, contact me in the comments to set up a time for a pressure free chat to see if we are a fit for you. You can also check out the Macee Leigh site to see our current line of products.


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