Holidays are here!!
What better way to get the show on the road with holiday cookie cutters??
As my readers, I get to offer you $2 off EACH set.
Celebrational SALE Christmas Cookie Cutters. Set of 3 Make 6 Holiday Shaped Cookies: Gingerbread Man, Christmas Tree, Candy Cane, Reindeer, Santa & Sleigh!Celebrational SALE Christmas Cookie Cutters: Sing FA LA La in Cookies! 4 Piece Holiday Letter Set Shapes: F, A, L, a. Heavy Duty Stainless Steel.
So why these cookie cutters?
Look at some reasons they are super cool:
  • crazy thick, strong stainless steel.  Nothing wimpy about these.
  • 3 piece set makes 6 cookie shapes, which is unique and makes cookie eating more varied and delicious.
  • FALa set creates cookies out of songs which should have been invented long ago.
  • Both are limited supply of course because it's almost CHRISTMAS so get choppin'!
  • We've worked a $2.00 Discount for you to extend to your readers for EACH SET - they can use BOTH coupons at once for $4.00 SAVINGS!

Here are your Coupon Codes...!
>> 3 piece set (for gingerbread/reindeer; tree/santa; candy cane/sleigh set) code:
>> 4 piece set FALa code:

Still time to arrive before Christmas


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