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 What girl is not crazy about nail polish?

I personally want every colors I see (minus red or pink). But I have been so frustrated with having to repaint or touch up my nails every 3 days. I personally just don't have the time.  There is a few that I have found that last 5-7 days and this was my hopes for the Jamberry polish.

I looked at that colors and immediately want the coral reef since it was summer when I first started plotting this purchase. I thought these would be a great summer color. Not to mention that I have a lot of shirts to match.

After months of contemplating, I finally decided on the copper penny since it was starting to turn fall. I like neutrals and darker colors this time of year. SO copper penny it was.

My expectations were high and anticipation felt as if I was about to explode. Can you say tracking stalker?

First impression: This color is beautiful. The color on the site does not give this justice. It goes on fairly well without streaking. I recommend two light coats for best results.

Copper Penny JAmberry  Mani
A weeks wear.

Here are my nails a week later.
Not too bad, huh?
Minimal gone at the tips ( this is also a jamberry nail wrap).
While the wear and colors are beautiful and great combo's available, I personally refuse to pay $15 for them. I just can't rationalize it.

PROTIP: Use the TruShine gel system and they will last even longer.


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