Influenster Pumpkin VoxBox

It's here !!!!

                            **I received these products free from Influenster in exchange for my honest feedback*

As always I was super excited to receive this box. When I got the unexpected ( no pre-qualifying survey) I ran over to YouTube and watch the spoiler, who can resist? I wasn't expecting the food items, I usually don't get them. It was a pleasant surprise minus the fact that it all smelled like Downy.

First product I pulled out was the goodnessknows snack squares. Upon opening I knew it was going to be something that I liked. I am a huge fan of snack/granola bars. This is one texture was in between soft and hard, filled with nuts, toasted oats, and chocolate. But the chocolate was not strong luckily. Cause I am not a fan of chocolate unless it is white chocolate or paired with peanut butter.  I like that it was pre-divided into four squares. It made giving little ones simple and the factor that they have no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners made this snack mom approved.
                                     (available in three flavors  *  R.V. $1.59-$6.99)

Next, there was a coupon for one free Alexia food product. This brand I had never heard of and worried me that I wouldn't find it in my area but I did. There was only two choices at the Wal-mart I went to. So I settled with sweet potato french fries. These are a hit in my family and went fast. One bag only feed us (family of 4) in one meal. If this were available close I would definitely buy these frequently.
                  (available in frozen potatoes, appetizers, breads and side dishes  *R.V. $3. 69- $4.09)

Thirdly, in this awesome box was Ultra Downy April Fresh liquid fabric softener. Already an avid user of Downy I was glad this was in the box. The smell was present even before opening the box. It even had the food smelling like it. While the softness has never seemed to be different in my clothes, the long lasting smell is fabulous. I love anything that makes my house and I smell good. Most fabric softener I have tried shortly faded after taking them out of the dryer, not this.
                                                  (available at Target, Wal-Mart)

The fourth item that was in the box was Mr. Sketch Scented Markers. I really like the slim design of these, better fit in my hand then any other. The one I received I couldn't really smell unless I put it to my nose. But when I bought the 6- pack of holiday scents I could smell 3 of the scents while I was coloring. Conclusion: scent strength varies
                                                             (R.V. $1.00 -$15.00)

Fifth item was a coupon for a free Yucatan Guacamole. This I could not wait to get. I could eat this on everything and will change my menu just to use it. This one was a little bland and the next day it had a tad bit of sour that was not there the day I opened. I found this odd, but none the less it was still good. I actually paried this with my chicken sandwich and the Alexia sweet potato fries. WINNER !
                                                              (R.V. $1.00-$6.99)

When I seen the Werther's original soft caramels, I was actually worried that I would not even get any. We love Werther's. But I didn't know that there was a soft version. With sensitive teeth, I haven't been able to my the hard ones in some time. So these brought me back to the buy one of my favorite candies. Still can't believe just how soft these are. AMAZING !
                                                             (R.V. $1.00-$2.99)

Lastly, we have another brand I was not familiar with, Popchips. These have a very unique taste and I have not tasted any other product that taste similar to this. They have the crunch of a potato chip but no grease because they are not fried. But they lack flavor, it reminded me of eating a raw potato. ( don't act like you never did it) Maybe it was just this flavor. I need to see.
                                                             (R.V. $1.29)


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