Prolong the life of you hair color,
                       with this leave in conditioner!
                              COLOR LOVER PRIMER 11
*** I received this product in exchange for my unbiased feedback.*****
Upon my visit to Michigan, my sister and I agreed it was time to match our hair color in Magenta. Yes magenta! Needless to say, she made a mess but the results are beautiful. It's not as bright as you thinking though. It really shines more so in the sun light. Truly love it.

Which lead to the testing of this amazing leave in spray.Usually after a month of dying my hair, I start to see dulling of the vibrant color.  
                                         Not with this!
 I used it everyday after I got of the shower and applied to my towel dried hair. ( it can be used dry or wet) The spray bottle allows for easy control of how little or lot that you want. It has improved the over all look of my hair. It has tamed my frizzes and even worked as detangler, which made brushing my hair so much easier then before.

 In week three of testing, I still have a lot left so this will last you awhile. ( 8.5 oz)  The scent was a clean and crisp aroma that left me wanting to add more and more. But it is not a overpowering smell that you can smell all day. Possibly because I am a smoker. I can't believe my hair color looks the exact same as it did the day I dyed it. Plus it repaired some damage. I couldn't be happier
If you dye your hair this is a must have product for prolonging the color of your hair.
                                  Want one for yourself ?
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Color Lover By Famesi Leave in spray

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