Macee Leigh Exciting News.

  I know you all have heard the stories and people claim that companies change their lives. I use to roll my eyes when I seen these kinds of statements. Until I was introduces to Macee Leigh.
 I thought wow they have a little of everything so that reaches a wide number of people. Then I seriously had no idea where to begin. I thought to myself for about a month ( maybe longer) "what was I thinking"  (by signing up). How was I ever going to sale, I never leave the house due to some severe anxiety, depression, and some other issues and some other physical issues. What happened next truly brings me to tears.
  I received an email stating that she wanted to help me with Macee Leigh. I was shocked by this act of kindness, it is far and few these days. We began corresponding back and forth for some time. She gave me ideas, motivation, encouragement, and most importantly she touched my heart, as well as became a dear friend. While I can go on and on about this amazing lady, I want to get to my exciting news without crying. 
  As you all know I have found my place in this world with this company, my purpose , my passion and an income that I would never know otherwise. But the friendships I have developed I would have never imagined. I pray for them each night and will always have them in my heart.

This company is not even a year old and has made amazing progress. We are now in DSWA and growth of our specialist are have maintain its steady flow. Which brings me to my news: Macee Leigh is having their first annual convention. I am so excited I can not sleep or focus on my school work. It will be in September in Nashville, Tennessee. Luckily, that is a doable driving distance for me. Not to mention A GREAT way to celebrate my birthday. ( a little after but oh well) I will be there with bells on and can not wait to come back and tell you all my experience and meet all my ML sisters.  

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