TEMPTATIONS SNACKY MOUSE™ Cat Toy Review *Influenster

             Meet Molly and Matt
  She is almost 2 years old.  We adopted her and her brother from the animal hospital when we was getting shots for our dog, Aleta.
 She tends to be a baby when no one is around. I really could not ask for a better animal. Low maintenance and minimal love.

Matt seems to be easily scared and only wants love at bedtime. He also is almost 2 years old. His one blue eye and one yellow eye captured my heart from the very beginning. Well, they both did.
 They mainly sleep all day. Rarely do they venture outdoors. Usually not past the door steps. Although, Matt did stay out for a few days at a time during this past summer. Needless to say I freaked out each time.
  I have tried to get them snacks and more active with little success. I finally found a treat they LOVE, Temptations.
  When these box arrived I was worried they were not going to play with eat. I knew they treats would definitely get ate. I decided to show it to them separate. Matt first, he seemed confused for a few minutes. I took one out and let him see me put it back in. That was all it took. Watch as Molly sees the mouse for the first time.

 Right after I stopped recording, my one pound chihuahua (Legend) decided to pick it up by the ear and tote it to his bed. They come be so comical at times.

After that I knew I had to hide the mouse and treats so that the dog would not get them. But this is what I woke up to.
 I guess I only fooled myself by thinking they would not find it. I started my day just like any other day. Then I heard a noise in the bedroom, where like cats were suppose to be asleep. They looked as if they were not doing anything. So, I continued my day.
 A few hours later, I discovered this beside the bed. It was completely full when I put it up. What I can not figure out is how they removed it from the shelve without breaking my warmer or knocking anything done. This made me laugh so hard that I literally smiled at the misbehavior.
I am so pleased with this idea. It has made my cats playing. Seeing them do something besides sleep is such a joy to me.


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