Skintimate (Crowdtap)

    How many of you guys know what Crowdtap is? Well if you haven't, I will have to fill you in on this amazing website. Crowdtap lets you give your opinion on products. In return, each brand has a monthly drawing. The more points you get,(doing activities such as posting to social medias)the more chances you have for that brands monthly drawing. This is a great way to save for Christmas. That is what I am doing anyways. Crowdtap also has sampling events in which you can apply for. I am honored to say I was choose to sample Skintimate Mandarin Burst. 
I received this product free in exchange for my unbiased review
 This amazing smell wakes up all your sense. I am a huge fan of this shaving cream.  It moisturizes and hydrates your legs. My hair is coarse and is hard to get, but this does the trick. My legs are baby soft and gives me the confidence to put anything. The brands I have used in the past had my legs feeling dry and the next day it felt like I need to shave again. NOT with Skintimate. My legs are silky soft for days.If you have not tried this you should. It is available at all your known stores. ( Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Freds, Family Dollar, etc). At this affordable price ( 2.97 Wal-Mart)I would hate for anyone to miss such an amazing product. Are you legs Skintimate Happy? Mine are.

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