House Party (hasbro games)

                                Party Time
I had received an email several months ago for a free party. I could not resist and signed up. I filled every application that came up. I almost gave up and then I randomly checked House Party as I usually did and it said I was a HOST! I had to invite ten people in order for them to send a box. So I did. I was accepted for the Hasbro game night. Which was great because of the fourth of July coming up as well as one of my soon to be stepsons birthday. Great timing. I received this yesterday. Here is what I received. The kids are very excited and played with them a little today. I will update this post and give details on the party as well as pictures. Be sure to check back for the whole story.
The kids really loved bop it and simon. I could not get them interested in the catch phrase no matter what I did.  

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