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      Bzz Agent 

    Bzz Agent

   As a bzz agent,  I receive products completely free of charge to try out. I had the pleasure of trying Coppertone Clearly Sheer sunblock. In my package I received two bottles of the Coppertone spray, three sample size lotion, and a full size bottle of the lotion, as well as coupons. I was excited to receive this and could not wait to put this to use.  We had a camping trip already planned so I was excited to put this to use.  
Coppertone Clearly Sheer Review
I received this free for my unbiased review.

My experience                                               

  The day we got there it was around 90 degrees outside and we decided to go fishing. After gather our things, I told everyone to line up and stand out side so that I could spray everyone with the Coppertone. I think I did this subconsciously, out of expected a horrid smell. To my surprise they was no loud smell and the smell faded within seconds. Not my experience with other sunscreen. As I sprayed myself, I did experience some stickiness. But I later decided it was because I sprayed myself in the house.
  However, as soon as I walked out the door it was dry and not sticky at all. As I often did with other sunscreen, I forgot to reapply this. My soon to be husband asked me what I thought of the Coppertone spray on the way home and I told him like always I forgot to reapply. This made me want to touch my skin to see if it was sticky. Surprised this left my skin feeling extremely soft. I was very well please with this product.

Lotion Test

    Now for the Coppertone Clearly sheer lotion (SPF 30). I am a huge fan of lotion and I was sure that I would be a fan this also. Still  i had a open-mind, as I do with any product. The day started as it did in the above paragraph, I was excited and i am sad to say I did not share this with my family, initially anyway.  I applied this happily and unlike the spray it instantly dried on my skin (applied in house as I did with the spray). The smell was not strong and faded within minutes. This product made me want to reapply and that says a lot for me. I was also very happy that it made me skin super soft even days later, after not applying.

Final thoughts

     Each product I tried for a solid week exclusively. I am amazed at these product. It helps soften your skin, does not leave your skin feeling sticky or unclean, did not cause my skin to break out, and it is budget friendly, ($7-$9 . If I can just remember to reapply, then I would be doing good. You can not ask for a better product. So what are you waiting for ?? Don't neglect, protect your skin.


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