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Friday Freebies for Crafters

Font, Design, and Classes

     I have decided to incorporate my theme (and many other peoples themes) of Friday freebie. I mean who don't love freebie.  I do them in my group Caffeinated Venture Vixens and my business page Caffeinated Ventures, so I totally should be here, right?
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Freebie Fonts Holiday Excuses
Grab Holiday Excuses
First up we have this beautiful handwritten font that also comes with a commercial license
Created  By Miglena Spasova
This design comes in an SVG file, transparent PNG, EPS, and DXF
Also with a commercial license. 

Grab It Here
    Another FREE and totally cute font via Font Bundles. This grunge font comes also comes with a commercial font and is also PUA encoded.

      I could hardly get through typing all these goodies for you all to get, when it occurred to me that I haven't told you about my favorite hang out spot via social media, The Socialite Suite (facebook group). This place has so much value and greatness for all. Whether you are a part time crafter, Direct seller, or small business, Brenda Ster ( from #EmpowerSocial) shows how to apply the three P's and how to really grasps your audience. Huge variety and benefits. Totally worth lurking around and seeing for yourself.
   What made me think of this though, was she does a book club and it starts in January. This time the book will be The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins (click to find it on Amazon). I am not familiar with this book but it sounds like my kind of book. 
What book are you currently reading? Or leave your recommendations.

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Holiday SaleThis post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. I was compensated for this post.
     The season is gradually creeping up fast and those family get togethers are upon us. What to wear? What to wear? Natural we want to look our best but if you are anything like me, the focus is really on the kiddos. But, why spend a lot when they just out grow them fast?  Am I right? Which lead me to Crazy 8. Your children can look their best without hurting your bank account and most importantly look amazing and still be comfortable. Sound like you, then read further.
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Where to get freebies? Freebie Sites and their Brief breakdowns

Freebie Sites and their breakdown
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