Influenster Feastbox : real freebies

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Freebies ? How do I get those

    To often I get asked where do you get your freebies and are they really free. Usually followed with the response, no way she gets them free. But I am here to tell ya. I do get freebies but it took a lot of failed attempts and spam in my emails.

   One of my favorite sites is Influenster. Now at first, I was giving up on this site until someone told me to make sure I was active and did my badges. So I did just that. Although, it took awhile I was tickled when I received my first box (see My First box) and the next and the next.

Feastbox: What's in it?

    I may be wrong but I believe this is my first food box from them. I am use to getting the makeup and skin care. But, hey I am not complaining. Let's get started with what was in the box.

First, we had Arnott's Tim Tam biscuits (r.v. $3.79). I had never heard or seen this but I was not wanting to try them because it was chocolate. Yes, I know I am a the only girl in the world who don't like chocolate. (unless its white or with peanut butter) HOWEVER, the fact is my hubby and I ate these so fast that I forgot to take pictures. Oops! They went great with our coffee.

Secondly, we got the pleasure to try French's Crispy Jalapenos (r.v, $3.99) A recipe card was included but we ate them like chips lol. I added them to a sandwich just because I love the crunch. They aren't hot to me but then again I am accustomed to eating hot food regularly.

Thirdly, was a free coupon for Country Crock's Buttery Sticks (r.v. $1.69 - $2.99) These have two features that should of happen a long time ago: no softening needed for you bakers and it's made with sunflower oil. Double win! I couldn't taste the difference and no one in the house mentioned it.

Y'all would laugh at how excited I got to see Del Monte Fresh Cut Golden Sweet Kernel Corn in this box. (r.v. $.98- $1.05) I could eat corn with every meal and this is already a brand I am a fan of.  I made vegetable soup with this. It was amazing.

Lastly, I received two samples of Biglow Tea (r.v. $3.29) I am not a fan of flavored tea and this didn't change my mind sadly. The smell was amazing and made me want to just sniff the cup. I just can't do the flavored teas. Even though I desperately want the many benefits these have to offer.

Well, that's how I see it. But remember everyone has their own preferences. Which of these would you like to try?

P.S. If you're not a member of Influenster and would like an invite, drop me your email below.