Dollar Tree: Crafting on a budget

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Tis the Season

    I don't know about you but this has to be my favorite holiday; Christmas. I been counting down the days to break out the lights and grab the yard decor, not to mention the scents of pumpkin pies. The only day I actually go all out. So I am eager counting the down the 55 and thought it is about that time to post some inexpensive ways to decor.
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      Alright, let's start with the tree! As you know I am all about repurpose and reducing waste. What am I talking about? Look a little closer. Recognize them yet? If you guessed light bulbs then  you guess right?
  • Grab some glue and glitter,
  • Whatever embellishments you want such as the felt used in the reindeer.  
  • Hook and hang.
This gorgeous idea comes from the Dollar Tree blog. But y'all thrifty shoppers already knew that, huh?
       Moving to the kitchen, which is where I am most of the time. I just love sitting in there and I am currently renovating so I keep ideas coming if I am in there. 
      While I am not one of those ladies that have holiday themed dishes, I did think about this year grabbing some solid colors like these gold plastic charger plates (pictured above) and/or grabbing some white ones and adding my own crafting style (see more of my crafting at Caffeinated Ventures) to some plates.  At this price indulging is NECESSARY.
      Lastly, let's get them guests in the mood before they even walk in the door!!! Personal I love the tire snow man that I created but these should definitely added to the end of the drive way.
Which will you incorporate in your decor?