Simply Earth: Essential Oil subscription box

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The Unboxing

 I been researching essential oils now for quite some time. It has been a confusing research and was unsure what to believe. Some say safe for animals and children, some say no. Some say not for internal use and then some say it's okay. Luckily, found a solution in Simply Earth and I was even more excited to learn that there was a subscription box that catered to yet another addiction of mine.  

We all want to do our best for our families, but removing chemicals can be extremely hard to do. They are literally everywhere. No one willing puts our families at risk.  I recommend starting small and work them into your life. 
Simply Earth is like the essential oil box for dummies and advanced users. If you look on any site, you will see the amount you pay for this box is equal to one or two essential oils.
Can you say HUGE savings!!!!
Another great reason to try this box: 13 % of purchases is donated to human trafficking. Now that is definitely something I can get on board with!

Each month has a theme. 

  1. $39 per box for each month
  2. $45 one box every three months
  3. One time purchase of current monthly box $45
  4. 4  Essential oils
  5. other theme related items
  6. 5-7 recipes cards
  7. Free Shipping
  8. NO HASSLE pausing or canceling
  9. 100% money back guarantee 
Here's whats in May's box

There is so much other goodies beside this subscription. You have all you need in one place.  I highly recommend it. 
Check them out here.