Hat Rack Review

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Excessive hat solution

Super excited to get the chance to review this product free.Y'all know organization is my thing so when this arrived I couldn't get it up fast enough.  The fact that it said no tools needed, tickled me since finding my fiance's tools posed a huge aggravation. He never puts things back.

The box included 2 hanger straps ( 8 hat holder per strap) and two hanger secures to place on the door. (One for the top and one for the bottom) Check out this short video for the contents.

After I got everything out , I was excited to finally get these hats an appropriate place of there own. However, I placed the hook on the top first and quickly realize that was not the way to do this. Since it was hard to tighten to the appropriate length as well as hold it in place while I place the other secure thing on the bottom.

So I tried another way, bottom first. I ended up having to grab a stool since in so short. But it made adjusting the strap easier. 

Finally, it was up.  Spacing them was little aggravating since the hats kept falling and the hats where way far down the door.
 I did have one slip off but was easily put back on. That one I ended up in the closet on a hook because they top secure bracket seemed to cause the door not to shut properly.
Closet with a hook.
Over the door.

While the hats now how a proper place, the aggravation level was insane. I could not get this tight as I think it should be on the door. The design is an awesome idea, but the space caused the hats to be low on the door. Maybe this is just because of the doors in my home, unsure.
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