The Journey: next step with the Cameo 3

Next Step

After many months of research and bouncing back in forth with making the cost logical in my brain, this amazing balls machine finally arrived Monday. I've literally have become insta-obsessed.
I'm not quit sure why I wasn't watching all these tutorials prior to arrival. But none the less, I'm more and more amazed at all the things this cameo silhouette three can do.

I got this bundle on Amazon because it seem to be the smartest buy for my purpose. (which is decorating, signs, tumblers, etc. personalization basically)
Reviews are mixed for the top two popular brands Cricut and the Silhouette. The majority seemed to love the Cricut machine due to it being more user friendly. However, it don't have the option to use offline. That was a huge deciding factor for me since wifi/internet isn't always available.

I expected the set up to be long and aggravating due to the reviews. Happy to report, it was not. After downloading the software (no disc), creating an account. and hooking the machine (USB cord) to the laptop. I literally was cutting my first piece in a matter of minutes. 
Included with my bundle, was a library of images to get me started and there are MANY resources for free images.

Now, for the part where I am stuck. I want to attempt multi-color decals. But, it is a little confusing and I cant watch from the laptop and open the design studio. I did watch from my phone and play around. Which leads me to the decision, I am going to continue watching the tutorials and wait till I get more vinyl. 
Here's a few projects I have done.

I am so so excited to get the hang of this and start making these for YOU!!! For now, come hang out with me on my Facebook fan page Caffeinated Ventures Stay up to date and learn ways to turn your trash to treasure.

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Hat Rack Review

Excessive hat solution

Super excited to get the chance to review this product free.Y'all know organization is my thing so when this arrived I couldn't get it up fast enough.  The fact that it said no tools needed, tickled me since finding my fiance's tools posed a huge aggravation. He never puts things back.

The box included 2 hanger straps ( 8 hat holder per strap) and two hanger secures to place on the door. (One for the top and one for the bottom) Check out this short video for the contents.

After I got everything out , I was excited to finally get these hats an appropriate place of there own. However, I placed the hook on the top first and quickly realize that was not the way to do this. Since it was hard to tighten to the appropriate length as well as hold it in place while I place the other secure thing on the bottom.

So I tried another way, bottom first. I ended up having to grab a stool since in so short. But it made adjusting the strap easier. 

Finally, it was up.  Spacing them was little aggravating since the hats kept falling and the hats where way far down the door.
 I did have one slip off but was easily put back on. That one I ended up in the closet on a hook because they top secure bracket seemed to cause the door not to shut properly.
Closet with a hook.
Over the door.

While the hats now how a proper place, the aggravation level was insane. I could not get this tight as I think it should be on the door. The design is an awesome idea, but the space caused the hats to be low on the door. Maybe this is just because of the doors in my home, unsure.
Grab one at Baseball Cap Rack
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Confession Time

 Many of you know I suffer for many issues, OCD being one the  major ones. Which makes this video a little awkward.

 That's not even half really. I have separated some into categories AND  lets not even get into the freebies I have accumulated. I still have plenty after even donating to our local food pantry that provides more than just food.

What do you tend to hoard?

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Sliding Pictures Solution

Decorating the house has been a priority to me since I am basically here 24-7. But committing to an idea and finding the money to do what I envision has posted some hurdles.
I will say this much, I am totally happy with the way the bedroom has turned out (minus the fact that it totally needs some new paint on the walls). The decor and theme has me wanting to hide there quite frequently or maybe it's the kiddos that have me that way. Lol.

Pictured is the wall above our night stands. As you can clearly see, the picture keeps sliding. As someone with OCD, it was driving me mad.
Quick fix : add some glue to the backing to prevent sliding. BAM! Fixed and now I can focus on something other than sliding this straight daily.
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Limelight Review

As the majority of my readers know, I am friends with many amazing direct sellers.  From Tupperware, to bags, to natural products, to self defense, the direct sellers community is rapidly growing to many areas of needs. When I heard there was another makeup company, I was excited to see what would set them apart from the rest. 

Upon looking at the site, I was intrigued and disappointed. I loved the website and their colors (truly perked my interest), but the prices where not budget friendly for me. Let's face it, I always feel guilty about spending money on me but if it's cheaper I feel less guilty. Make sense? 
I have tested many products over the years and naturally I am always kinda skeptical since so many claim results but far and few provide them. If they do they take forever to show and by then I have lost interest.

Let me back up a tad and tell you about what lead me to my discovery. If you have ever dealt with someone in direct sells or do that line of work, then you know what I mean when I say this kind of work is about RELATIONSHIP BUILDING. As previously stated, I have many friends in this line of work and I love watching them explode their knowledge across social media. 
This lead me to my friendship with Michele Humes.
Where it all start is a blur. Lets face it, I am getting old and completely losing my memory. However, I do know that I was immediately impressed with her stunning Facebook profile pic. That skin, that glow, that makeup.
We have chatted on numerous occasions about different things. I glanced her site weekly it seems. But in the back of my mind, I kept saying that's a lot of money and what if it don't work.  Which we subsided and come back. One glorious and heavenly day this girl received samples. Cue the music and hear the angel sing.
Now where do I even begin. This amazing lady not only match my color perfectly ( before sending) but she also paid attention to my color preference with the other samples. I was so excited I immediately put them to use. 
The foundation: OMG this foundation. It is weightless to the point I forgot what I had put any makeup on and the most amazing coverage I seen EVER! I have severe holes in my face due to acne scars, not only does this blend but it is made my skin look flawless. Bye Bye under eye darkness, don't you agree?
Now I don't know why in the world I did not capture the beauty of the lipstick and eye shadow, but the pigment is stunning. Not to mention I was amazed at the long wear and the little amount that was needed. Hands down better than any other I have experience. And let me tell you there has never been a eye makeup that last on my oily eyes more than about a half a day, but this did.Ultimately, this line has given be new hope in my makeup game. Highly recommend it and that you reach out to Michele (click her name above) if you don't have a rep. Or take a gander at her site Limelight by Alcone.

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