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Caffeinated Ventures : The birth of my new venture

The birth of Caffeinated Ventures I took this class awhile ago not expecting the amazing, eye opening that begun.
Have you ever talk to someone or taken a class and it made you a different person? Well, that's exactly what happen to me. OK. OK. I know what your thinking but I swear I'm not crazy. Let me explain. My mentor, contacted me about a class she was holding and with star struck eyes as I read her message, I immediately said yes. I already knew that anything she was doing was something I had to be apart of.
The Mindset ClassFrom day one I was committed to really sitting down and doing the exercises. There was some tough questions and a lot of soul searching. The question that set it all into a new venture was: If you died today, what dreams would die with you?? Like a ton of bricks my world came down, but in a good way. 
I believe I was put on this world to help others, to lighten the load of women and the one thing that I am passionate about being creative. Which lead me t…