Big Announcement

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Big Announcement 

    As you all know I rejoiced in the fact I was Macee Leigh Specialist. My journey with them has been beyond description. I went from having no idea about direct sales and being a spam-O-holic to becoming obsessed with building relationships and sharing my passion. This company made me a better me and realized my potential. I can tall in the fact that whatever I do is a learning experience and that even if I fail, I will survive and have learned.

     However, after much debating I have decided to resign as a specialist at this time. My decision to leave was a hard one, but one that I felt is crucial in my journey to move forward. Please note that my leaving isn't an issue with the company nor do I have any bad words or feelings toward them. I wish them all the best. It was me and where I am in my life now.

     TO ALL MY CUSTOMERS: I greatly appreciate each one of you for the amazing support and interaction. It means the world to me. If you need a specialist please contact me so that I my assist in provide the best care available.