Worst Fibro flare

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Down for the count

I had so many ideas and plans prior to graduating college. I could barely contain my excitement. But apparently God had a different plan for me.
The very next day, I was so weak that grabbing my coffee posed to knock me on the floor, I assumed I had maybe caught a never ending cycle of sickness from one of my youngsters. Vitamin upped and disinfected the house.

Weeks went by and I only got worse. Depression crept in and started to take over. At war with my mind and my body to even do the simple things such as work, clean, and cook. I even plotted going to the Dr. Which I cannot ever bring myself to do since they have never helped over the years.

Then like a light switch being turned on, I am "me". I got so much done today and felt better. Minus the throbbing in my leg due to the fact it is going to rain. My how God is good and answered my prayers. While I didn't want this much rest, He knew it was long over due. What an amazing Lord I serve. 

If I do not say it enough, thank you lord for each good day and the bad days I have. There are lessons in them both.