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Reuse, Repurpose, Repeat

I thrive on finding multiple ways to use products. Not only does it safe time, but it helps reduce the excess waste of the world. I feel good knowing I did my part and basically I just love to do it.

Today's tip Tuesday, is pretty simple. Mother approved if you will. Take a look.
Ok, so now your probably wondering: what are soy pebbles, right?

Well, let me tell you. These work just like scent oils. You can place them in ANY warmer. But wait there's more. As you see they can be used for decoration purpose but did you know they can be layer so the scent combination is endless. Add a wick and make your own candle for the perfect gift. Here's the best part they are only $3.50. What the what!!! Perfect, right?
Grab yours today at Patience and Macee Leigh and if your in my hangout the purchase gets you a chance to win even more goodies from us. How can you say no?