Velvety Double Brushed Microfiber Sheets Review

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Sheets are sheets, no?

As a busy mom this is one thing I tend to forget to buy. WHY!! I don’t know. I only want to buy them when trying to match everything in the bedroom.
Weird? Definitely! Basically I have used what has been passed down to me and be thankful. Luckily, I was honored to receive this sheets for review.


When they arrived, I was excited to put these to use. I immediately took them out of the package (they felt like any standard sheet) and put them into the washer. They did not wrinkle to bad, which wasn’t a concern since I put them under my comforter.
Putting them on was a little eventful haha. Here’s why: I have probably a three-inch foam topper on our bed and it just didn’t want to adjust as good as it did once I tried to place the sheets on the bed without the foam supporter. We cannot sleep without the foam so I just put it back on and pulled it down around the edges as much as possible. Even with my rough sleeping partner, they have not come off thank goodness. They just don't look to hot.
While there was absolutely nothing wrong with these sheets, they lack the WOW factor that would make me buy these. They are $19.97 on Amazon but are of the same quality as Mainstay brand from Walmart and cheaper.