PowerSpa 7-Setting Luxury Hand Shower Review

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     As you know, it was not that long ago we bought our home. Slowly but surely we are getting things together to move in. It definitely has taken longer than we anticipated and liked but its coming. So lets dig in to my recent household goodie.

                                Rain, Massage and Mist

I received this product free for my unbiased review. 

      Each of the bathrooms had extremely small shower heads in them ( like four holes kind) and while it would have done, I couldn't resist this beautiful, seven setting upgrade. Could you?

   What really grasp my attention was that this needed no tools to install. Ok, yes I have tools and so does my fiance. But here's the thing, FINDING them. Not to mention he works late hours and I am Mrs. Independent. This hand screwed in with no problem and NO LEAKS (came with thread tape and lone extension) I felt a huge sense of oh yeah I did it! 

   My favorite part about this is the long extension that can easily remove soap from those hard to reach areas when cleaning. Not to mention the pause features allows minimal waste of water while you wash. Double score.

     Like what you see ? Grab this product here PowerSpa 7-Setting Luxury