PowerSpa 6" Rainfall Showerhead Review

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I definitely do not need a reason to spend hours in the shower with the music blaring. With five kids and our mini zoo, time to relax is far and few. Within seconds of entering the bathroom I hear the famous term MOMMMMM! Or my animals have their nose under the crack in the door, trying to get my attention. While there is no way to decrease these activities, I have found a way to make those shower minutes enjoyable.

I received this product free in exchange for my unbiased review.

     This 6 inch chrome shower head took me back to when I was a child. I never want to get out of the shower with this shower head. I have reviewed and bought many. But this by far has my vote.The invigorating pressure makes me feel like I am being pampered at a spa and with my family composition, this is as close as it gets without paying out the wazoo.

What you see hear is the adjustable handle, which allows me to adjust straight to my tired and aching back. 
Can you say hands free relaxation?
The best part is I DID THE INSTALLATION myself and without tools. Translation: no waiting on your significant other to assist you.

If you need a spa feeling but cannot afford to go to the spa or simply don't have the time, Grab Yours today. You will not regret it.