PowerSpa 5-Setting Deluxe Showerhead Review

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While we transition into the new house, we have been stuck in a somewhat large camper. Can you imagine?
Privacy does not exist and managing the areas are hectic. Needless to say, it has definitely been eventful.
I received this product free for my unbiased review.

I was blessed with the pleasure of yet another shower head from IP showers to review. Prior to receiving this, I can only describe my showering experience to that of trying to use a water hose. (don't recommend trying it) No fun at all. Not to mention some much water was being wasted.

While this is described as large and was a HUGE improvement from what I had I still didn't feel that it was doing the job well. Maybe this was to the fact that I had fallen in love with the Rain Shower Head, which is bigger.

The pause feature is a feature that I think all companies should make mandatory. Since I try to conserve on water consumption this feature was my favorite.

It was easy to click through the settings on this shower head. Click to the stream and it massages your back better than a masseuse. Yes, that good.

Tool free, means installation is easy and fast, which also beneficial to us on-the-go moms. However, I had to find something to attach to this since it wouldn't go on what we had. 

Get yours at Walmart for $6.60