Macee Leigh Clearance & Close out Deals

When the seasons change, so does Macee Leigh. We want what you want. We aim to please. So once again it’s that time: Out with the old and in with the new. Our closeout section is live and growing.
 Is your favorite there?
Time to stock up ladies and do so fast. ML addicts grab them and run like mad 7women, I tell ya. Every time the glitter mugs go live, they are gone within hours. Sheesh, that’s insane right?

As I peaked at the closeout section, I seen several of my favorite eye pigment shades and felt a sense of sadness (yeah that’s addicted for sure, which I am sure you make up gals can relate). But I have to keep in mind, I am never disappointed once the new products comes in. I’ll be over here oh-ing and ah-ing just like you.
Last time, I totally was not expecting these customized items and for the love of goodness, I hope there is never the day when they go away. Have you seen those mugs? And those shirts? Talk about adorable and affordable. I cannot wait to get some and do a review. Head on over and take a peak Patience & Macee Leigh
I cannot help but wonder what new products they will come up with next. I have seen some sneak of planner bling and boy are those cute.
 What do you think it could be or what would you like to see?

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