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I'm sorry

I have to say little by little I have slowly shifted my focus from my passions (blogging and drawing) toward school. While this is great for my future and of course I don’t second guess it, I cannot help but to be sadden at the fact that this was blog was a huge part (still is) of me. Even though I maintain a strict schedule, this class has had me so drained that my scheduled blog writing time has been avoided due to a huge lack of exhaustion.
I hope that one day soon that I can find the momentum to achieve all I want to do in one day. But this is not possible for now. I love to give you all the TRUTH about the products so you can make a better choice in your purchases and save money. I just needed some time but will try to do better as I have mad love for those whom have supported me in all I do. Whether it is following my blog, comments, shares on any of my social media accounts, and/or made a purchase, YOU ARE APPRECIATED !!! Xoxo