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Have you ever thought about making connections across the world? Or having a support system in which won’t judge you?  
A group that is encouraging and fun? 
Well then read further, I might can help you.
For a long time, I struggled with the idea of starting a VIP group. I knew that it was a common thing for people in direct sales. BUT, I don’t want to be a follower, I want to be different. I WANT TO STAND OUT. So for months I struggled to figure out a way to incorporate all my ideas that I wanted into one.
Finally, after months of planning and researching various avenues, I came up with what I’d like to call awesome idea for a Facebook group. I wanted it to be a group of girls who supported each other, who uplifted each other, whom I can build friendships with, and bring some sunshine their way. Well and of course a little of Macee Leigh cause it’s a huge part of who I am.
I struggled with a name due to the fact that I wanted more people in there than just my customers. I started with ML addicts, but soon decided that didn’t describe everyone in the group so it was changed to Hangout and has stayed that way ever since. Suiting? I think so, but not my ideal name.
The majority of these amazing ladies I have had an ongoing relationship with prior to them joining the group. I can honestly say that I think of them daily. They all are awesome. Some are even with competing businesses, yet they support me fully in my journey.
I have daily topics (excluding the weekend I believe this is family time but do occasionally post on the weekend) giveaways, games, and lots more fun. I have enjoy getting to know about them and their families. It’s definitely a safe and nonjudgmental zone. Not to mention, members have special privileges that I can't publicly disclose but you don't want to miss out. PROMISE!
So today I’d like to personally invite you to join my group Hangout.
There’s no risk or pressure to buy anything ever. Nor do I spam you with my business (it does have some in there).  WE HAVE FUN. We share and we laugh. If this sounds like somethings you’re interested in, come join in the fun at no risk today at the exclusive Hangout.