What is Crowdtap?

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Unleash Your Opinions  

Have you ever thought to yourself : I wish they would do such and such to this product or I wish they would add this feature? I know I have. Well it's time to voice those thoughts. 
 Crowdtap is where your opinion matters. Where businesses thrive and value you and your thoughts.

How does it work?

Create your account using your Facebook or an email. (be sure to add an email that you check regularly. This will be where you get your gift cards sent)
Once you log in and you will see this.
On the left you see the words:
Dashboard: shows info like address.
Brands: which you see the list of the ones I am apart of. You can choose as little or as much as you want.
Other brands: Ones I am not apart of but can be.
Topics: are in depth questions.

Under Brands

Once clicked you will see the various tasks available and the points you will receive once that activity is done. It will also show if there is a sample mission. These can be done however you want to.

At the top you see the words: notification, in progress, and my account.
Notifications: shows if there is something new in your brands
In progress: shows sample objectives or things you started 
My account: is simply that. Updating any info can be done there.

The circle of numbers

As you see mine has six hundred eighteen points and I will receive my $5 Amazon credit. WOOT WOOT! This can be you.
Final thoughts
If you are a Amazon shopper this can totally fuel your addiction. To sum it up, your giving valuable feedback to top companies in order for them to make their products better. Added bonus Crowdtap is paying YOU. Granted it isn't a lot, but who does not like free money. This is how I bought Christmas last year with no out of pocket expense.  It saved us.
Awhile back ago it was a random luck of the draw each month. But it also included some other types of gift cards like Wal-mart. It was a lot harder to earn. You also had to have people like and comment on each post, now you don't even have to share. They have definitely came a long way and took our opinions into consideration. It is very nice to have some thing like this to help me and others. I really enjoy it and love that my opinion is actually valued. If this sounds interesting just a little, try it. What can it hurt? No obligations and you can do it sparingly or full force. YOUR CHOICE. 
Check out some of my samples from them: