Pure Vital Beauty:Natural Polish Remover *Review

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The Natural Way

Have you ever thought I wish there was an alternate to the horrid smell of polish remover? I mean basically we all have, right? I simple chalked it up to being one of the many unfair things we as women have to deal with. Beauty is pain so they say but should also include something pertaining to smells since there are many other things that we smell foul, think Nair.
I had seen this “natural” version on Amazon and been contemplating the purchase but was so fearful that it would be a waste of money. But as a product tester and reviewer I just could not resist it any longer and made the purchase.
I received this product free in exchange for my unbiased feedback.

I waited to redo my chipped glitter polish nails till these arrived. As I read the instructions I was even more skeptically if this would work. It said to leave on your nails five minutes, which I did. When I went to wipe the polish off, I could see that it took away the shine but NO POLISH.  I chalked this up to maybe I didn’t leave it on there long enough.
Then I decided to put it in a plastic little cup (I accumulated somewhere) to soak my nails. Within a few minutes the bottom was falling out of the cup. SO I had a huge mess and was highly irritated. Why in the world did this happen ??? Still have no idea why. But I was going to try this one more time.
Finally, I used the paper towel that I cleaned up the mess that just took place with to start wiping my nails. First few rubs I was not seeing nothing but was so thankful that at least it didn’t have a smell. Then I noticed that glitter was appearing all over my hands haha  Perfect ! But it was finally coming off.
When I got all my nail polish removed I have to say I was impressed with the texture of my nails. They were a little oily (not what I like to feel) but it was making them appear healthier looking. Since using this my nail tips have a whiter tent then they did. Glitter is one of the hardest polishes to remove and this did fairly well with a little aggressive rubbing and my own technique. Next test: regular polish. I will update this once I get a chance to try it out. If you have tried this, comment below and let me know your experience.
Get yours on Amazon for $12.87