Amber Small Glass Aromatherapy Bottles * Review

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 As someone in direct sales, I actively search to find ways to reach my customer in new ways whether it is in communication or suiting a need. It is necessary to stand out in this business with rapid growth of people signing up. With growing companies this can be hard. You have to develop relationships, continue to build them, and make sure that you are constantly creating new ones. Which also means I have to find creative ways to sample my products so that others take the initiative to use them and creating that connection with my customers.
A few months ago I found some bottles to send my scented oils in so that people can smell the scent prior to buying it. While there was not anything wrong with the bottles I just felt they was plain and did not describe me as the other samples did.
For example, instead of cutting my soap samples as simple square pieces, I cut mine in the letters M and L representing my company name, Macee Leigh.  In doing this I have left an impression, a mental association with me and my products.  My customers have given me great feedback and usually before I ask. Needless to say when I was approved to review the Your Prepared Family amber glass bottles, I could not wait to get started making sample packs for Patience & Macee Leigh fan Friday winners.
When they arrived the gold tops caught my attention so I knew they would also catch my customers’ eyes. The slight white line made for a unique accent. These were also a little bigger (1ml) than the ones that I was using which I was also happy about since I felt as if I was not given a sufficient size in the samples compared to what I typically give. The amber bottles also let me safely send some of my personal essential oils to family.
But what really sold me on this set of bottles was that these sent with no problem of leaking. I sent about 8 out of the 10. I sent these and they all arrived in tact with no leaky mess. No more putting tape around the bottle making it appear ugly. WINNER! WINNER!
This was not the case with the others I have tried and even with taping the other brand, I had people upset over a leaky mess. That was bad for business and I ultimately decided I could not sample this product out until I got these.
The other two bottles where placed in my door hanger (soap boxes re-purposed) for some local people. Even they said the new bottles where more appealing as well as the labels were easier to read.
Whether you are in direct sales or not these amber glass bottles are the way to share with anyone, without embarrassing spills or mess. I highly recommend these and cannot wait to get some more. You can get them at Amazon.