What is Crowdtap?

Unleash Your Opinions  

Have you ever thought to yourself : I wish they would do such and such to this product or I wish they would add this feature? I know I have. Well it's time to voice those thoughts. 
 Crowdtap is where your opinion matters. Where businesses thrive and value you and your thoughts.

How does it work?

Create your account using your Facebook or an email. (be sure to add an email that you check regularly. This will be where you get your gift cards sent)
Once you log in and you will see this.
On the left you see the words:
Dashboard: shows info like address.
Brands: which you see the list of the ones I am apart of. You can choose as little or as much as you want.
Other brands: Ones I am not apart of but can be.
Topics: are in depth questions.

Under Brands

Once clicked you will see the various tasks available and the points you will receive once that activity is done. It will also show if there is a sample mission. These can be done however you want to.

At the top you see the words: notification, in progress, and my account.
Notifications: shows if there is something new in your brands
In progress: shows sample objectives or things you started 
My account: is simply that. Updating any info can be done there.

The circle of numbers

As you see mine has six hundred eighteen points and I will receive my $5 Amazon credit. WOOT WOOT! This can be you.
Final thoughts
If you are a Amazon shopper this can totally fuel your addiction. To sum it up, your giving valuable feedback to top companies in order for them to make their products better. Added bonus Crowdtap is paying YOU. Granted it isn't a lot, but who does not like free money. This is how I bought Christmas last year with no out of pocket expense.  It saved us.
Awhile back ago it was a random luck of the draw each month. But it also included some other types of gift cards like Wal-mart. It was a lot harder to earn. You also had to have people like and comment on each post, now you don't even have to share. They have definitely came a long way and took our opinions into consideration. It is very nice to have some thing like this to help me and others. I really enjoy it and love that my opinion is actually valued. If this sounds interesting just a little, try it. What can it hurt? No obligations and you can do it sparingly or full force. YOUR CHOICE. 
Check out some of my samples from them:


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L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil Review: Oil or Not to Oil ?

   Oil or Not to Oil- That is the question

   I’m back with yet another L’Oréal Paris hair care system, this time with the new L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil. This three-part system was right up my ally. Just wash, condition, and leave-in. Any more steps then that I can’t remember to do them consistently. This smells absolutely FABULOUS (a.k.a. Girly) and that makes me actually want to use it more than I should. While it looks like an oil, but it totally isn’t greasy. How does that even happen? I have no clue but I love it.
I received this product Free in exchange for my honest review

My first thoughts about this when I was approved from Crowdtap was (see Freebie sites & there breakdown): hmm maybe I should not apply this leave-in to the top of my hair which is extremely oily. BUT in order to test properly, I always try several ways in which you can apply it and with or without styling products.


First day: wash, conditioned, and added the leave into damp hair. 
NOTES: Softness when washing, great smell, less tangles than with others, less hair loss
Second day: same routine
NOTES: Same results but appears a little more body and shine
Fast forward a week: I decided to start applying the leave in before washing (I seen on the bottle this can be done also)
NOTES: increasing with shine, body, and manageability
WEEK ONE DAY ONE: I started applying the leave in both before washing and after washing
NOTES: Absolutely in love. Hair looks and feels like a different person. The smell of this makes me happy.  I see a purchase coming when this runs out.

Final Thoughts

As a huge fan of L’Oréal I had some pretty high expectations which dropped at little with the previous other version from them.  I was pretty sure that the oil was going to help mid-way down and the bottoms of my hair since it was dried, fried, and looked like it needed to be chopped off. (which I have been known to do) The smell had my instantly like: OH yes! As the results continued to rock the more I used it, I eventually tried it all over. To my surprise it didn’t make it any greasier. My hair is so soft and I absolutely could not be happier. I see shine that was NOT there. I have more bounce. My split ends are so so much better, even better than I ever anticipated in such a short time. I am so happy with this that I remove it from the bathroom when I get done shower. Raise your hands momma’s you know exactly why I do that. If you aren’t a mom yet, heave the warning: REMOVE ALL BOTTLES FROM THE BATHROOM IF YOU LOVE IT, or it will become the someone’s bubble bath.  Bottom line, if you’re having a lot of dry issues and you don’t want to chop it all off, try this.  I highly recommend this and will be getting more when it runs out. Thank goodness they made this, it answered my prayers.
as i see it with bluebutterfly blog

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Depression: the Ugly Truth

The Darker Days

  What your about to read may take you by surprise, or it may be something you can relate to, or it may remind you of someone who has went through similar. This is not meant for a cry for help or a form of self-pity, it is meant as a form of release, a form of empowerment, and to give some light to a situation you may not have seen. It is also documentation for my own insight on how much better I have become in my journey. Read further at your own risk.
This had been taken from my journal………
   First day in such a long time, that I felt the urge to cut. It totally sucks not knowing who you are from one day to the next. Pain can overcome every emotion I have and I just have to snap out of it. No matter the good in my life, no matter the good I have to look forward to, the demon known as depression will find a way back into my life. Stealing every joy, every goal, every good thing I’ve accomplished. He turns his ugly cloud over my head and makes me want to give up or go back to the old me.
That nearly uncontrollable thought has doomed my life many times. I don’t ever want to be that old Patience. That girl who didn’t care, that girl who thought of no one’s feelings, that girl lost the world, and ultimately didn’t care about herself. That’s not me. I used to think that addicts used the excuse they couldn’t remember until I was a victim to that. It’s the scariest occurrence ever.
   I have learned, I have grown, but I continuously feel the need to seek approval. I’ve also realized that this issues/void cannot be filled. I have tried.  It’s a chemical my brain is lacking that I once filled with drugs, alcohol, or whatever was available. The effect: someone who I am not but I was pain free and that felt fabulous. Even if it was brief.
Everyone I have loved or has loved me has let me down as I know I have them. No one gets the real turmoil in my heart or my mind. Heck, I don’t even understand it. While I am aware that no one is perfect, I can never shake this depression. At least not forever. My decision to be un-medicated is my choice and I know some will say that is completely stupid. But again it is my choice and that’s not what I want anymore.
This is me, the pain and all. The Patience that no one sees. But I can honestly say I will never resort to that LIFE AGAIN.

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Pure Vital Beauty:Natural Polish Remover *Review

The Natural Way

Have you ever thought I wish there was an alternate to the horrid smell of polish remover? I mean basically we all have, right? I simple chalked it up to being one of the many unfair things we as women have to deal with. Beauty is pain so they say but should also include something pertaining to smells since there are many other things that we smell foul, think Nair.
I had seen this “natural” version on Amazon and been contemplating the purchase but was so fearful that it would be a waste of money. But as a product tester and reviewer I just could not resist it any longer and made the purchase.
I received this product free in exchange for my unbiased feedback.

I waited to redo my chipped glitter polish nails till these arrived. As I read the instructions I was even more skeptically if this would work. It said to leave on your nails five minutes, which I did. When I went to wipe the polish off, I could see that it took away the shine but NO POLISH.  I chalked this up to maybe I didn’t leave it on there long enough.
Then I decided to put it in a plastic little cup (I accumulated somewhere) to soak my nails. Within a few minutes the bottom was falling out of the cup. SO I had a huge mess and was highly irritated. Why in the world did this happen ??? Still have no idea why. But I was going to try this one more time.
Finally, I used the paper towel that I cleaned up the mess that just took place with to start wiping my nails. First few rubs I was not seeing nothing but was so thankful that at least it didn’t have a smell. Then I noticed that glitter was appearing all over my hands haha  Perfect ! But it was finally coming off.
When I got all my nail polish removed I have to say I was impressed with the texture of my nails. They were a little oily (not what I like to feel) but it was making them appear healthier looking. Since using this my nail tips have a whiter tent then they did. Glitter is one of the hardest polishes to remove and this did fairly well with a little aggressive rubbing and my own technique. Next test: regular polish. I will update this once I get a chance to try it out. If you have tried this, comment below and let me know your experience.
Get yours on Amazon for $12.87

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Julep Deals

This 9-Piece Beauty Gift worth $150 is FREE when you Join Julep!

$150 Beauty Gift FREE with Subscription
There are only a few days left to claim your free $150 Beauty Gift when you join Julep beauty box! The gift features eight full-size beauty products (see list of items below) plus a super cute cosmetic clutch - what a deal! This is Julep's highest-value new subscriber offer to date, and it will only lasts through the end of April, so be sure to get yours today.
When you join Julep beauty box, you'll get access to the only full-size and fully-customizable beauty box subscription on the market. Each month, you get to log in and pick the beauty items you'd like in your box, so you'll always get what you want. To join Julep and redeem your $150 Beauty Gift, add the gift to cart and use code COLOR8 at checkout.
Your gift includes:
  • Phyllis, a soft petal pink crème nail polish
  • Rosie, a Charcoal grey with magenta glitter polish
  • It's Whipped Lip Mousse in XOXO
  • Lip Crayon in Dusty Orchid Shimmer
  • Lip Gloss in Timeless petal pink
  • Blush Stick in Moonlit Sand
  • Gel Eye Glider in Smoky Taupe Shimmer
  • Fluid Eye Glider in Black
  • Illustrated cosmetic clutch
Get your $150 Beauty Gift today! Use promo code COLOR8 to get your free gift when you pay for your first month of Julep ($24.99).
$150 Beauty Gift FREE with Subscription
$150 Beauty Gift FREE with Subscription

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Mother's Day Gift Idea from Julep

Beauty-ful Mother's Day Gift Idea

Mother's Day Sweet Steal
This post contains affiliate links

Today through Friday (4/22) Julep is featuring a very Sweet Steal just in time for Mother's Day - the Timeless Beauty Gift. Send your mamma $88 of beauty and pay just $24. She'll love the products in this set, which include a Light On Your Lips lipstick in carnation pink, a When Pencil Met Gel eyeliner in Rich Brown, Linnea (a vintage mauve shimmer polish), Rayma (an Italian plum crème polish), and a metallic wristlet. All for $24, plus free shipping! Get your Timeless Beauty Gift today so you can wrap it up for Mom in time for May 8th.
Offer valid while supplies last. Offer may not be combined with any other promotional codes or offers. All Sweet Steals are final sale, absolutely no exchanges or returns. Taxes vary by location.


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Influenster VoxBox Review*L'Oréal EverPure Repair & Defend

I received this free in exchange for my honest feedback

L'Oreal Lowdown

Those of you who read my blog regularly already know how I am going to start this review: THE SMELL. Sadly, I have to say this smell isn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong isn’t bad just not what’s the word I’m looking for, “girly” maybe. The smell is crisp and clean. Best way to describe this would be a unisex smell.  Men would totally steal this in the shower and not think twice about it.

First Impression

Ok, so the first days I tried it my hair went into a rebellious stage and continued this for the first few uses; frizz was out of control, it was unmanageable, and I wanted to seriously cry. This was common when I switch shampoos and conditioner but I couldn’t help but wonder if this was the formula itself. As with any product testing I write details on the things I did while testing. Which lead to the realization IT WAS ME. I know what you’re thinking: how can I create frizz? Right?  Here’s how, those days I left my hair twisted up into a towel till it dried.  Ugh, I don’t know what I was thinking. I know that. Since this realization and the quitting of doing it, I had no more frizz. Woop woop! My hair had some shine that definitely was not there prior to using.
Now in the second week I can see a difference in my hair. It even added some body. The split ends are looking fabulous too. I used the leave in condition daily (huge fan of leave -in conditioners) and the hair mask once a week, even though the instruction say to use the hair mask twice a week. I always forget to do multiple steps in the processes. But I committed to a once a week pampering day (mani, pedi, detoxing, etc) so incorporating the mask on that day worked for me and really with the results I have seen no need for additional day.

Final thoughts

While the smell wasn’t for me the results where awesome even in a short period of time. I love that L'oreal followed suit in making a sulfate-free system especially for color treated hair. I seek alternatives of this nature. I cannot help but wonder if the not-so yummy smell is due to the fact they take the bad ingredients out. Something I need to look into further. I know this might not be an important factor to some but I love that the leave- conditioner is in a pump form. It makes it easy to dispense the right amount. I wish the hair mask was in this form. But I have yet to see a hair mask in a pump. This might be an issue due to the consistency.  I am definitely going to continue to use it and see if the results get better or stay the same. However, I do not see myself replacing this once it’s gone. ONLY because I have to have something smell good. If you have tried this, leave me a comment on your results. I am curious to hear what others have had.


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Gymboree New line

Newborn Gifts

This company is a mom's dream come to true. I was introduce to them some time ago and fell 
in love with the prices and the quality they provide in these children clothes. Not to 
mention the absolute cuteness in design selection. Mom's if you are not familiar 
you are definitely missing out. So get to the point right? Haha

I am happy to inform you that they now have a newborn line.When I got this email, I literally 
could not wait to post and let you know and of course do some shopping for my new nephew, 
Clark. I kinda wish he was a girl, although I have three nieces already. Just let me show you 
why. (this post contains affiliate links)
Giraffe SocksGiraffe Beanie
Are these not the cutest thing ever? What I wouldn't give to have my nieces be little again. But wait there's more.

Tiger BeanieTiger Pull-On Pants
They have the whole entire matching set for both girls and boys. What are you waiting on head over to Gymboree and check them all out. Come back and tell me which is your favorite in the comments or what did you get.

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Amber Small Glass Aromatherapy Bottles * Review

 As someone in direct sales, I actively search to find ways to reach my customer in new ways whether it is in communication or suiting a need. It is necessary to stand out in this business with rapid growth of people signing up. With growing companies this can be hard. You have to develop relationships, continue to build them, and make sure that you are constantly creating new ones. Which also means I have to find creative ways to sample my products so that others take the initiative to use them and creating that connection with my customers.
A few months ago I found some bottles to send my scented oils in so that people can smell the scent prior to buying it. While there was not anything wrong with the bottles I just felt they was plain and did not describe me as the other samples did.
For example, instead of cutting my soap samples as simple square pieces, I cut mine in the letters M and L representing my company name, Macee Leigh.  In doing this I have left an impression, a mental association with me and my products.  My customers have given me great feedback and usually before I ask. Needless to say when I was approved to review the Your Prepared Family amber glass bottles, I could not wait to get started making sample packs for Patience & Macee Leigh fan Friday winners.
When they arrived the gold tops caught my attention so I knew they would also catch my customers’ eyes. The slight white line made for a unique accent. These were also a little bigger (1ml) than the ones that I was using which I was also happy about since I felt as if I was not given a sufficient size in the samples compared to what I typically give. The amber bottles also let me safely send some of my personal essential oils to family.
But what really sold me on this set of bottles was that these sent with no problem of leaking. I sent about 8 out of the 10. I sent these and they all arrived in tact with no leaky mess. No more putting tape around the bottle making it appear ugly. WINNER! WINNER!
This was not the case with the others I have tried and even with taping the other brand, I had people upset over a leaky mess. That was bad for business and I ultimately decided I could not sample this product out until I got these.
The other two bottles where placed in my door hanger (soap boxes re-purposed) for some local people. Even they said the new bottles where more appealing as well as the labels were easier to read.
Whether you are in direct sales or not these amber glass bottles are the way to share with anyone, without embarrassing spills or mess. I highly recommend these and cannot wait to get some more. You can get them at Amazon.

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Down Payment on a home ....like a boss

The New House

I was super anxious to add to my timeline the great new of us putting a down payment on the house. I sense of pride that I cannot begin to describe. Was it because of the fact that my whole life I have been told I will never have or amount to anything? A big part of it was. All those years of feeling inadequate was lifted like the sun shining on a summer day. No one could tell me nothing. I was on cloud nine and everyone congratulating us was icing on the cake.
However, those feelings soon subsided and I realized that with every new venture comes a new set of concerns. While we have eagerly and anxiously awaiting them to bring it to our land (which has been delayed), we both realized that we just might have to look at the beauty for a while before we actually get to move into it. 
But I should still be happy right? Excited? Yet I am overwhelmed with many thoughts and even dream about all the things that need to be done. MAIN CONCERN: where is all this money going to come from? Am I impatient? Maybe just a tad. But my subconscious thoughts take over and I try to remember that just as it took time to get the house it takes time to get things done.
Now, if it will stop raining long enough for it to get here.

Plotting DIY Projects

  I have been plotting DIY projects in full force for this house. My first agenda is getting these plastic coffee canisters spray paint, but what am I going to use them for? I am not sure just yet. I have canisters but I am sure they could be used in one of the bathrooms. Project 2 consists of glass etching. Which is totally addicting. If you haven’t tried it, you must. Quickest and coolest thing for my fellow crafters to do.


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