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Promotion to Senior Team Builder

    Last night as I scrolled Facebook and should of been in bed, I got notified of someone tagging me. As this happens a lot, I almost didn't look till I seen it was one of the co-owners of Macee Leigh.  Then I realized this gal MADE HER FEBRUARY promotion. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!! Who makes promotion without even realizing it, apparently me. I even asked the owner was it a typo lol.

   While I strive everyday to be my best I am still in shock that I did it. I am now officially Senior Team Builder. I can't thank those people who, supported me enough. Nor can I express my gratitude for making this stay at home moms dreams come true. I couldn't have done it without you all and my fabulous team of rock stars. I am so honored to be with this company and can not even tell you how amazingly supportive this company is.

I am even more determined to keep this momentum and achieve the next level asap. My focus right now is my team and helping them rise to the top with me. If they succeed, I succeed. Together we achieve more.