Feather Babies, A Mother's Love

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Scarlet and Reno

    Do remember when you had to take your little ones to the doctors? While it has been long ago occurrence for me, the familiar feeling was present on this day. I felt like this taking these babies the other day to get groomed (beaks, nails trimmed, and feathers. My eyes teared up as my fiancĂ© held them and they got groomed. Needless to say they weren't happy. My mother instinct kicked in as if they were my children.
  When we brought Reno home a little over a year ago, I could not imagine holding her, teaching her anything, or even getting next to her cage. All I could focus on was my fear. But for some reason that changed.
  We had to hand feed her and the time flew by just as it does with children. She was trying to fly, saying small words, and now sings and talks way too much. But currently mad cause she can't fly now
   Scarlet we haven't had long and is the totally opposite of Reno. She's a nervous talker and Reno gets quite around others. She's sacred to fly and rarely lets you hold her. 

  Who ever knew that something I was so scared of, I could love so much. They are my babies and that day made me realize I love them more then I knew.