DROK Pink Hair Straightener Ceramic Detangling Brush Review

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Pink brush Craze 

Drok Pink Hair Brush Straightner

With so much hype about this brush, it only seemed natural to hop on board in testing it. I am not sure which brand has been the most highly rated, but I finally got to try one. I don’t have a huge issue with my hair being curly unless it is rainy weather.  Although I do have some waves in the front section of my hair that totally drive me batty. While pink isn’t my thing I was excited to try and put this bad boy to the test. Instructions in hand these girl was ready.

The First Test

After washing my hair, I towel dried it and as recommended an applied a leave in conditioner.  After the temperature showed it was ready (which was fast) I brushed away. The brush felt like a massage as it went through my hair and I didn’t want to stop. In amazement I was instantly hooked. My hair was straight, the time it took was super-fast, and my arm didn’t feel like it was about to fall off. Added plus, my hair stayed straight all day and did not make my hair static. SCORE!

The second test

Is something burning I thought, waiting on the brush to warm up. Never did it occur to me that it was the hair I left in the brush. But after I removed it, there was no more smell. Again the same technique as I did previously: wash, damp hair, and brush through. But this time two things happened, it left my hair static-y within a few hours and it would not get the flip up hairs on the bottom of my hair to lie down. Every use after this was the same.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love the idea of a brush/straightener. It makes getting ready faster and as a mom, I am always looking for ways to leave more time in the day. I also love that this is not heavy. I have switched hands when styling my hair with other tools due to the fact that my hand would be getting heavy or going to asleep. However, I don’t like the static. But that’s common with all styling products so I can’t fault the product for this.  If your hair is wavy I can totally testify that this will work on your hair.