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There has been many soaps I wished were in a liquid form over the years. I just prefer hand soap and body wash over the bars no matter how yummy they smell.

Awhile back Macee Leigh had a soap called Cotton Candy. When I say I adored this soap, those words don't give enough credit. I just couldn't get enough of it.Sadly, we don't carry hand soap.Which lead to some experimenting that lead to this recipe. 

 I know I cant be alone in my preference or in the fact that they're are many soaps that smell fabulous that I need in my life. With my new found secret I couldn't resist but to share my simple solution to fix this issue.
                              How to make body wash/handmade soap for a bar of soap?
  • 1. pick your favorite Macee Leigh bar of soap (of course lol)
  • 2. shred (used a cheese grater)
  • 3. bring water to a boil (about 1oz of water per oz of soap)
  • 4. add one tsp of coconut oil (or whatever oil you wish) and soap to water
  • 5. let sit (2 to 4 hours)
  • 6. stir and put in your fav container.

BAM ML body wash or hand soap. 

*****NOTE: You might have to experiment a little to get the consistency you like. My first batch, (after cooling for hours) thickened in the dispenser and would not come out the dispenser. I just added a little water and a little oil until I got it the right consistency.
Cutting the soap with a knife did not seem to dissolve as well as the cheese grater technique did.